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's pick up on that, michael brown fund manager with me around the wall. and bp's numbers today, just more confirmation it's on the path of somewhere that investors actually want to go? >> the question is what do they do with the cash. if the rosneff deal comes off, what are you going to do with that money? do you return to shareholders? i think the new fields and possibilities are fairly well documented. we should be seeing a super differen dividend coming back, but will we. there's a lot of questions around there. and oyou've restructured the business, you've brought it back to its core business, it's a well run business as the numbers show. what do you do next, don't know. >> the cash call from investors is extremely strong. many people want the pay out wherever they can get it. but this is a business that has to reposition for the future after what played out in the u.s. is it time for bp to do something controversial sand wade back into the u.s., a country chasing a very strong independent policy? >> then ear asking is it an inquire remember or inquiree. and that's a critical question
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Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2